Together or apart, there’s nothing better than seeing the One Direction boys living their best life.

Though whenever the guys reunite, hearts all over the world swoon at the adorableness of it all.

Proving their bromance can't be broken through this hiatus, Niall Horan and Liam Payne decided to send their fans into a tailspin of feels when they shared a few videos on their Instagram stories of one another. They were just casually hanging out as one does before taking the stage to perform during the 99.5 WPLZ Birthday Bash in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Niall was the first to share a hilarious clip of himself actually recording Liam who at the same time was recording his own clip to share on social media. It was an epic moment for all Directioners who couldn't help but love and cry at the fact that the "Slow Hands" singer still calls his bud "Payno."

Liam’s story was also pretty much the same, except from a different angle and perspective, but that doesn't stop it from being something amazing to watch.

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Of course the guys also had commemorate this epic moment with another selfie together, and aside from it of course being swoon-worthy; it also just goes to show how close the guys have remained since deciding to no longer work together professionally.

niall horan and liam payne selfie twitter

The only thing that would’ve made this second reunion even more epic was if the two had hit the stage together for some kinda duet, which sadly didn't happen. Though Niall has said before that he wouldn't collaborate with any of his former bandmates just yet so it's easy to understand why, but a fan can still dream.

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