Leave it to Liam Payne to bring on a serious case of the feels, reminding us that yes, One Direction is forever a part of him and he will continue to honor the fact that he’s a member of the music industry’s biggest boy bands. And he’s proud of it! While talking to Australian radio host Smallzy, Liam explained that one song on his debut EP called “Slow” fully gives him 1D vibes and that’s part of the reason why he loves the song so much. 

Thinking about the track also made Payno realize how 1D fans have kind of had to separate in a way, following each member of the group and the drastically different styles of music they’ve released.

“The last song ‘Slow’ gave me a One Direction kind of feel to the chorus, it’s a proper boy-bandy chorus. Boy-bandy, I think I can say that,” Liam joked. “‘Slow’ is a lot like that and I thought that’s great because obviously, hopefully a lot of the One Direction fans are sticking through with me as well. It’s funny, I guess One Direction fans have kind of separated in some ways a little bit, even though they all have one common thing that they love, because of all the different styles of music we’ve been doing. I never really thought about it like that before! So whoever is sticking me with and having a listen, thank you.”

OK, how cute is Liam out here thanking the fans who have stayed by his side? As Liam knows, Directioners are the most loyal fanbase out there and they’ve been nothing but supportive of him, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and even Zayn Malik‘s ventures outside of the band. It’s interesting for him to think about how the fans might’ve stuck with only one guy based on the fact that 5/5 has given us music that really is so different from what they did in the band and from what each of them is making now. But One Direction and their fans are the greatest team the world has ever seen, right?

one direction throwback

So we have a feeling they’re still waiting for Liam to drop his full-length solo album after all.

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