It wouldn’t be a new day without a new One Direction story that clues fans in on just exactly when they are getting back together or when they aren’t. Liam Payne chatted with The Sun and revealed that he is taking a break from his music career once his son, Bear Payne, goes to school. Liam wants to be more hands-on considering he’s been going full steam ahead with his solo debut album, traveling and working on different collaborations ever since Bear was born. While this all seems cute AF, it may not be a good sign for fans who think the group is going to get back together some time soon.

So, what did Liam say that’s putting all of us in a tailspin? He explained, “I had a bit of a break at the start [when Bear was born] but now I want to get work out of the way before school and stuff [with him] starts you know. I want to be more at home with him during that time. I’m not trying to be as busy as I am right now.”

It’s pretty amazing that Liam wants to be a solid force and role model in his son’s life – as he should be. How terrible would it be if your dad was Liam Payne and you never got to see him? LOL. But it looks like the “Bedroom Floor” singer has a pretty good idea about his future with his family. However, with the thought of this awesome plan there comes a pretty big question. What will Liam do if One Direction wants to reunite during the time that he had planned to stay at home with Bear? Will he skip out on the reunion tour? Will he break this promise he made to himself about being a good dad? Will One Direction as a whole wait even longer to reunite to respect Liam’s choices?

It’s all super uncomfy to think about. Because really, Liam’s grand plan could put One Direction’s reunion much further down the road. We’re talking more than five years now. The only light with all of this is what Liam said in a recent interview about the boy band’s future. He revealed, “Where are we now in 2017? I would say sometime after 2020. That’s what I’m betting on, put my money on it, put my house on it.”

Hmmm…we don’t know about you but that seems a bit contradictory to what he told The Sun. Bear will only be four years old in 2020 and after that, he will head to school. So, Liam, you’re timelines really don’t make sense here. Thankfully, he’s got some time to figure out what he’s going to do. Here’s an idea – maybe Liam could get the studio with the boys while Bear is in school and he can be out just in time to pick him up. Sounds like the perfect plan.

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