There has been lots of talk lately about when exactly the One Direction boys are going to reunite. In just four short months, it will mark two years since the boys officially went on a hiatus. Since then, the world has seen them go off and do some remarkable things as solo artists. Harry Styles has released his first solo record, is set to go on tour and has a role in the huge motion picture, Dunkirk. Liam Payne had a son with his girlfriend Cheryl Cole, he has released solo singles and is working on his album. Louis Tomlinson continues to take care of his son, Freddie Tomlinson, has appeared on the X-Factor to perform a solo single and collaborated with Bebe Rexha. Niall Horan has two solo singles, starting to tour and will hopefully release his album at the end of October.

Yeah, that’s a mouth full. The boys have not been lazy since the break. In fact, they have been the quite opposite and very much hard at work. But, that still doesn’t mean Directioners are itching to see them all back on stage together sooner rather than later. Niall recently let lots of us down when he mentioned wanted to do an even bigger solo tour after the one he’s on right now. He talked about time and how in his life time three years or even four years wasn’t that much.

Of course, that led to hysteria. Four years?! We can probably guarantee that not one fan would have believed the boys would be dunzo for that one when they initially announced their break. But, Liam is known to spill the beans more than any of the others guy and he may have just given the world a bit of hope of what could come with a reunion tour.

Liam chatted with CHUM FM’s radio host Ashley Greco and said, “Well, I think we can write new ones as well. I think it would be great if we all get to play our own stuff as well. I mean what a concert you’d have. You’d have four solo artists that go out and then come together. That would be my dream of the way it would go anyway.”

CAN. YOU. FREAKING. IMAGINE? This would be insanely epic. Okay, and we might be taking things a bit too far here but what if the boys even came together and harmonized each other’s solo songs. One Direction singing a cover of “Slow Hands”? Yes, please!

Liam continued, “You know, there’s no time on it at the moment. You have to let everybody live out their solo stuff that’s only fair, they’ve worked hard for it to get to that sort of position but I’m sure we will get back together at some point and find time to do a tour for definite.”

But, of course, Liam continued to melt our hearts because all of that just wasn’t enough. He basically alluded to the fact that they really never left. With all of the solo music they have been putting out, collectively it could be an album. In another interview, Liam said, “The funny thing is everyone’s like, ‘When are you guys gonna come back?’ We’re still here. We didn’t leave, you know what I mean? It’s like there’s a One Direction album out there now we’re just not singing it together.”

Okay, that’s it – we can’t handle this. To be fair, though, he is right. And we should probably start thinking about it this way until the reunion actually happens because it makes perfect sense. Just because the boys aren’t singing on the same track doesn’t mean they don’t all support each other’s music. They have said time and time again that they support each other and want the best for each other in terms of their solo careers. Liam’s words are just further evidence that they all truly mean what they say.

BRB, listening to the boys solo songs – I mean the new One Direction album.

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