We can always count on Liam Payne to bring on all the feels by taking us back to those early days before he was a dad, pop star and you know, a member of One Direction. The "Strip That Down" singer took a little stroll down memory lane on Twitter and commemorated the anniversary of his X Factor audition. Cue sobs.

September 4, 2010, happens to be the day Liam returned to the music competition series for the second time to audition (shout-out to a 14-year-old Liam giving it his all in 2008 only to not make it very far in the show) and even now, seven years later, he can't believe how his life has turned out. "7 years ago today my life changed forever, beyond my wildest dreams, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way…" Liam wrote.

A baby-faced, yet very serious, 16-year-old Liam hit the stage to sing in front of the judges — which included Simon Cowell and Cheryl, the future love of Payno's life and mother of his son Bear — and belted out the classic tune "Cry Me a River." Watch it again so you can just sob over how nervous Liam was and then see him totally SLAY his performance.

"My face hurts, I can't stop smiling. I never expected in my wildest dreams for that to happen and to get that reaction was just so amazing," Liam said at the end of the clip. OUR HEARTS. He was such a little baby then, and little did he know that although he wouldn't make it on the show as a solo artist, he would later be put into a group along with Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik. And we all know how the story goes after the band ended up coming in third place on the show. (Spoiler alert: if you've been living under a rock the last seven years, the boy band basically achieved world domination.)

liam payne x factor

And speaking of the boys, in his tribute, Liam made sure he called out his four bandmates who were there with him every step of the way and of course, Directioners everywhere.

The quoting of the "History" lyric. We weren't prepared, Liam.

stitch crying

It's sweet to see he will simply never forget how he got his start and although he and all of the 1D boys are living up the solo life, each moving on in their careers, knowing just how much their time as a group will always mean to them is enough to hold us all over during this indefinite hiatus.

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