It’s happening! Back in May, it was confirmed that one of everyone’s favorite movies, Life Size, was getting a sequel. And now, we’ve got the first pics from the Freeform film which is airing Dec. 2, 2018, at 9 p.m.

The first movie, which premiered in legit 18 years ago in the year 2000, starred Lindsay Lohan and was about a young girl who tries to bring back her mother with magic, but instead, ends up bringing a doll named Eve to life. Tyra Banks played the iconic role of Eve, the life-size doll that got brought to life, and it’s one she’s thrilled to be stepping into again.

“Five years, four scripts, and finally we realized, Eve needs to grow up. She’s been around for a while. She’s been alive for a while. She needs to grow up and experience more adult things. So, you’re going to see a very different Eve on Freeform,” the model told ET back in May.

Although Lindsay is unfortunately not coming back, Francia Raisa is making an awesome addition to the sequel film. She will play Grace Manning, the confident and funny CEO of Marathon Toys, a huge toy company started by her mother that is most famous for manufacturing the Eve doll.

If you’re as excited for this movie as we are, you’re going to freak out over the stills that have just been released! Scroll through to see!

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