Halloweekend is here, and Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes have a couples costume planned! Lili took to Twitter to share that she and her 24-year-old friend and Riverdale co-star will be dressing up together this year, and we are LIVING. FOR. IT.

“Don’t want to get anyone overly excited… but… @CamilaMendes and I have a very special Halloween couples costume this year,” the 22-year-old actress wrote on social media.

In addition to Cami retweeting the message, tons of fans took to Twitter to guess what costume the gal pals could be planning. While many are hoping the actresses are dressing up as Riverdale characters, one fan in particular suggested they should go as Lizzie and Isabella from The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Iconic.

While Lili and Cami are out here proving that couples costumes aren’t just reserved for significant others (they can be for besties too), they are each ironically in relationships of their own. And they’re both dating Riverdale castmates. Lili is dating Cole Sprouse, 26, who plays her on-screen love interest as well. While the two are super cute together, they’re not about flaunting their relationship out for everyone to see. Lili even recently opened up about how she doesn’t want to be known for simply just dating someone.

“There is still a problem here if you feel the need to say a man’s name, or someone who is more famous that is connected to me, in order to get someone to read an article about me… I’m not a boring person,” she told Vogue. “I don’t need someone else’s name on a headline to make me sound more interesting.”

As for Cami, she and 27-year-old actor Charles Melton, AKA Reggie, are a real-life couple, as well. Previously, Cami was dating Victor Houston, a non-actor she knows from her pre-stardom days back home. However, the two split earlier this year.

We can’t wait to see what Lili and Cami have in store!

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