It’s not very often that we get to see a celebrity sans glam. We mean, between all of their makeup artists and hairstylists, what reason do they really have to step out looking anything less than their absolute best? Still, seeing our fave celebs embrace their bare faces and frizzy hair in all of its glory is kind of refreshing, and the latest to share some au naturale photos is none other than Lili Reinhart.

That’s right! The Riverdale actress took to her Instagram story on Dec. 29 to show off her naturally curly hair, and considering she pretty much sticks to Betty Cooper‘s signature ponytail on the show, it’s safe to say this look is very different from what we’re used to seeing on her.

Lili captioned the fresh-faced photo by saying, “Let the curly vacation hair begin,” and also adding, “my natural frizz and curl thank you very much.”

Lili Reinhart curly hair selfie

NGL, we think she looks AMAZING, and lucky for us, that wasn’t the only photo she shared! The 22-year-old added a few other pics to her story, and honestly, it seems like she’s pretty thrilled to be away from the flat iron – even if only for a little while.

lili reinhart natural curly hair

Not convinced that she’s LIVING for her natural hair? Well, here’s even more proof! The actress shared yet another photo with a graphic referencing the movie Grease and Sandy’s iconic curls. Sure, Sandy’s curls were likely held together with loads of hairspray, but still, we’re totally getting Olivia Newton John vibes. See?

lili reinhart curly hair

Although we definitely think Lili should embrace her natural locks more often, we’re sure she’ll return from vacation and be back in Betty’s signature ponytail any day now. In the meantime, can we please start a petition for her to play Sandy in the next film adaptation of Grease? You know what they say! If the hair fits…

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