If there’s one thing to know about Lili Reinhart, it’s that you don’t want to mess with her and those she cares about most because girl has her friends’ backs, no matter what. And she will set everyone straight. This time around, the 22-year-old actress took to Twitter to defend her Riverdale co-star Shannon Purser after fans started to bully the 21-year-old all because of a storyline on their show.

In the most recent episode of The CW series, Shannon’s character Ethel and Cole Sprouse‘s character Jughead kiss as part of a rule in the creepy game that everyone in the town is slowly starting to play, Griffins and Gargoyles.

Jughead and Ethel Kiss
The CW

And as viewers of the show know, Jughead is oh so in love with Betty, Lili’s character. The Bughead ship is beloved, but it seems like some fans took things way too far and were totally out of line, saying mean things to Shannon online. In a series of now-deleted tweets, the actress wrote, “All the stans who finally feel comfortable calling me fat/ugly now that Ethel has interfered with their ship. I’m not stressed about it, trust me. I just wonder what these people will think in like 10 yrs when they remember their twitter and realize they insulted and attacked real human beings for their character on a tv show…”

And that’s when Lili stepped in, reminding everyone that this type of behavior is uncalled for, as the actors don’t write what happens in the show and she was just simply unhappy to see her friend being treated this way.

“Adding to that. Shannon is my friend, and it is embarrassing that people felt the need to attack her personally for something that happened on a SHOW. Written by WRITERS. You are not a fan of mine if you treat my friend like this,” Lili wrote.

While some hardcore shippers decided to come after Shannon for no reason at all, other fans had Shannon’s back and explained that sending her hate is not necessary at all.

Riverdale fans are a passionate bunch, but let’s just all be kind to each other and enjoy the show, shall we?

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