When Cheryl Blossom and Toni Topaz finally became a couple on Riverdale, the pair quickly became a fan fave. Our girl Cheryl was FINALLY happy after coping with the loss of her beloved twin brother Jason, the death of her evil father, and learning to live with a mother who, well, is like the worst mom ever. And although fans sure hope ships like Bughead and Varchie are endgame, it’s the Choni pairing everyone really is truly hoping sticks it out. But this is high school and Riverdale is a very dramatic town, so will they last?

If it’s up to Madelaine Petsch, her alter ego would stay with Toni forever. Seriously! Speaking to Glamourthe 24-year-old starlet admitted that she’s happy to see Cheryl finally being true to who she really is, despite what her awful mother or anyone else might think. And she wants that to last for her character.

“I never want them to break up. I just think they’re the best. I don’t know if that’s a weird thing to say, because of course it’s more interesting to keep things shifting. But the beautiful thing I’ve noticed is that Cheryl has grown so much just having known Toni for those last eight episodes [of Season 2]. Toni’s helped Cheryl show such a vulnerable, beautiful, open side of he,” Madelaine explained. “And now that Cheryl has that vault open, I don’t want it to ever be closed. I think if she and Toni ever broke up, Cheryl would become a monster. If people thought she was bad at the beginning of Season 1, Cheryl would be a nightmare. Think about this: This is the first time she’s ever been in love again after her mom called her “deviant” and kicked her love out of the house and out of her life. Cheryl’s been pushing this down for so long, she’s finally letting herself live her truth. This is such a big moment for her still. I think she’s very excited about it. And you come into Season 3 seeing her in a really positive and strong relationship, which I think is so important for them.”

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So yeah, Madelaine doesn’t want the Choni romance to end, and she’s totally right. Cheryl is becoming who she was always meant to be and this romance with Toni is part of her story. One thing fans were a bit bummed about was that we didn’t get to see the road trip the girls went on during the summer. We’ve heard about how great it was, but we didn’t get to see any of it. Madelaine thinks it was as epic as fans hope it was.

“I think they went and tore up the town. I’m sure they had a wonderful trip together,” she said. And what about her Toni, her real-life bestie Vanessa Morgan? She totally agrees and confirmed that Choni (for now!) is stronger than ever.

“I’m assuming it was iconic, I’m assuming it was amazing! I hope they actually show some snippets from it, that would be the best,” the 26-year-old actress said about the mysterious road trip. “I think they’re just falling madly in love with each other, and enjoying each other’s company, being young, crazy teenagers.”

Aww, young love at its finest! For now, there’s no trouble in paradise just yet and with Cheryl rocking her red leather Serpents jacket, standing by Toni’s side, we have a feeling this couple will be in it for the long haul.

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