Oh no, Vanessa Morgan is taking a social media break for a truly upsetting reason. The actress is currently starring as the one and only Toni Topaz, the Serpent who has stolen Cheryl Blossom’s heart on Riverdale, but it seems like some fans thought she was apparently slacking off and not busy working hard on Season 3 like her co-stars are.

The 26-year-old actress suddenly saw a ton of not so nice messages that led her to set the record straight: she wasn’t on the set filming because her character wasn’t written in the episodes that were being shot, so that’s why she had some time off.

“I don’t write the script! For those tweeting me to get back to work.. lol I wasn’t WRITTEN in the last two episodes. Hence why I haven’t been there…so please stop tweeting me ‘get back to work’ no need to bully me. I’ll be back in [Vancouver] in a few days for this episode,” she wrote. 

vanessa morgan message

Because of the mean tweets she was receiving, Vanessa let everyone know she would be taking a break from Twitter in general since “it’s not healthy” to see all of the mean comments on there.

It’s a total bummer knowing that Vanessa had to deal with seeing so many hurtful messages that it led her to take a break from Twitter since it’s obviously such a great way for the actress to connect with her supporters. And unfortunately, she’s been the victim of online bullying before too. When Vanessa’s character was first announced, Bughead shippers were not happy that Toni was going to cause some trouble between Betty and Jughead. She sadly got death threats, and this was all before the Toni’s episodes even started airing. Bullying is never OK, and it’s important to remember that Vanessa is an actress playing a character. She doesn’t write the episodes, and she’s just doing her job. So let’s all let the girl live, shall we?

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