Riverdale fans watched in surprise and utter delight as Jughead and Betty’s sleuthing friendship turned into the show’s most romantic relationship during the course of the first season. Now that season two is in full swing, we’re all just over here swooning over more precious Bughead moments.

bughead season 2 kiss

And as Lili Reinhart made it clear for those who were wondering if the Betty and Archie ship would ever come creeping back, that chapter has closed. At least in a romantic sense, since the Barchie friendship will last forever.

“I don’t think Betty has feelings for Archie anymore. I think that’s over and done with. She’s in love with Jughead, and is happy being with him,” Lili said to TVLine. The actress feels the lifelong friends have a “deep love” for each other but, “I just don’t necessarily think it’s romantic,” she explained. But what about in that season one finale when Arch was longingly looking back at Betty? Lili thinks it’s a classic case of “wanting something that you can’t have. I definitely think Archie has some commitment issues. He has a wandering eye, you know?”

So basically she’s giving us more proof we need to know that Betty and Jughead will be out here doing all they can to make sure their relationship withstands everything they’re going to endure since you know, Juggy is a Southside Serpent now and they’re not going to the same school anymore.

Now while it was a bit unexpected for these two to become the couple everyone adores, upon further investigation, it actually makes perfect sense. It’s the classic case of opposites attract, a Romeo and Juliet-esque vibe if you will and these characters actually have the strangest things in common that make them perfect for each other: they don’t go by their real names and have very distinct style choices. Seriously, it might not seem all that deep but it’s something that bonds them! Allow us to explain…

What is Jughead’s real name?

Jughead isn’t the most conventional first name around, but it’s actually not his real first name. His full name is Forsythe Pendleton Jones III, named after his dad, Forsythe “FP” Pendleton II. In the original Archie comics, Jughead was given the nickname as a kid because of his big ears, but on the show, the origin of his nickname hasn’t really been addressed.

What is Betty’s real name?

Betty Cooper, on the other hand, is an everyday, average name except Betty isn’t her actual first name either. Nope, it’s Elizabeth. That’s right, her first name, like her beloved Jughead, is different than the nickname everyone knows her as. Her mom, Alice, does call her by her actual first name every now and then on the show if you listen closely.

Why does Jughead wear a crown?

Jughead’s crown beanie is a staple and as he so eloquently told Betty, she’s never even seen him out and about without it on, because well, he’s weird I guess.

jughead i'm a weirdo scene

But what is the significance behind this crown-shaped beanie? Well as Cole Sprouse shared during a Reddit AMA, he said he found a video that does a great job of explaining the history behind it, but basically, this style of cap was popular among young folk back in the 1940s, which was created by factory workers essentially turning their felt fedoras inside out and cutting off the brim and then passing these hats down to their kids once they got too old and worn down.

“Did a lot of research on the cap when I first got the part. The cap will always stand for a kind of nonconformist, working-class symbol, hoping to breathe the same into this version,” Cole said.

Why is Betty’s hair always in a ponytail?

Like Jughead, Betty seems to always have a signature look with the top of her head too. Her blonde locks are most of the time up in a high ponytail.

betty cooper ponytail

Occasionally, her hair is let down for school dances, baby showers, giving a heartfelt speech to all of Riverdale and you know, sleeping. While it’s a bit unclear why Betty’s locks are often tied up in the pony, it’s mostly to show how she operates as a character: she’s the good girl, the rule follower and it helps create a stark contrast to her BFF Veronica Lodge. Ever wondered if having your hair up like that all the time hurts Lili’s head at all? Well, she explained it’s not all that bad.

“It’s kind of like a face-lift! But it’s not as tight as it looks. We try not to use a lot of hairspray. We actually use a lot of water to dampen it and keep the fly aways down. For some reason, it doesn’t look greasy on camera. I was worried I’d be struggling because I get migraines and headaches, but it actually wasn’t a problem,” Lili said to Glamour. “I had to battle with Roberto, our show runner, though because I’d be like, ‘Can Betty have her hair down for this scene? Or maybe half-up?’ But when Betty does have her hair down, it’s more of a significance behind it.”

So there we have it. Both Jughead and Betty are two peas in a pod when it comes to what makes their characters so unique. Bughead 4ever.

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