Riverdale without one of the members of the Core 4? Puh-lease. All we could do was roll our eyes when we heard the ridiculous rumor swirling around that Lili Reinhart is getting kicked off of the show. The rumor in question originated from the gossip site “Crazy Days and Nights,” a space where people leave anonymous tips or “blind items” about celebrity secrets. Now while some of these types of predictions end up proving themselves true, there are many that don’t ever add up. This one, in particular, goes way too far.

The excerpt, which was ~revealed~ to be about Lili, read, “I don’t know if they could get away with it at this point, but there are some writers and producers who would love to either replace this B+ list mostly television actress from this hit almost network non superhero show or have her character killed off. I think every person is scared there is going to be a very public meltdown and want to get ahead of it. One downside is whether it would make her co-star boyfriend upset. Honestly, I think he is always looking out for himself first so wouldn’t raise a peep.”

lili reinhart blind item

A Betty Cooper-less Riverdale is a Riverdale we don’t want to know. While killing her character off would be terrible for the show for a multitude of reasons, replacing honestly might cause even more trouble in paradise for the fandom. We could see the #NotMyBetty hashtags forming already. And seriously we’re two seasons deep now, so Lili is the Betty we’ve all come to know. That just wouldn’t make much sense

Besides, why is it assumed she’s going to have a meltdown? Just because she’s been open about her battle with depression and mental health shouldn’t be an invitation for people to pass judgement. Plenty of people live with mental illness, and to discriminate someone for that is very unfair. And what’s with dragging Cole Sprouse into it? While there’s no chance he would support this, neither would the rest of the cast. Lili’s bond with Camila Mendes, for one, is proof, along with her friendship with KJ Apa and literally everyone on the show. The cast vibes seem just A-okay –who’s with us?!

Classic case of #FakeNews, everybody.

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