Netflix’s newest series Lockwood & Co is adapted from the young adult book series by author Jonathan Stroud of the same name. Following the adventures of a ghost-hunting agency established by Anthony Lockwood (played by newcomer Cameron Chapman) in London, the cast is full of young acting newcomers. Keep reading to see if any cast members are ~locked~ in relationships or single!

Along with Cameron, actors Ali Hadji-Heshmati and Ruby Stokes play the roles of George Karim and Lucy Carylyle respectively, completing the ghost-hunting trio. Ali is best known for starring in Bad Education and Alex Rider and you most likely recognize Rudy from her role as Franscesca Bridgerton in Bridgerton.

Since the show’s premiere on January 27, 2023, it’s received a warm reception by fans, who often create TikTok edits of notable scenes in the series.

“It’s nice for us to know that people are investing in it,” Cameron told Collider in February 2023. “People care about the show and people love it. And that’s been because it was such a secretive project since 2021 or something. It’s been really nice being able to bring it out into the world, and if that’s how people want to show their appreciation for it, that’s great.”

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The Lockwood & Co. star went on to explain what the auditioning process was like for the series and meeting his costars for the first time.

“I really enjoyed the auditioning process,” he began. “We all met really early on in it, to be honest. Well, for me early on in the process, and they were very supportive throughout it, and it was quite rigorous but really enjoyable. It never got too precious, or there was never any pressure put on it, which I think really helped. And then meeting these guys made it… It didn’t really feel like working. I wasn’t really thinking, “Oh, I really want this job,” or anything. It just became fun exploring scenes with people that are very generous actors.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see if anyone in the Lockwood & Co. cast is dating or single IRL.

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