The Logang is full of hilarious people and even dogs. But no one can come close to Logan Paul's bird, Maverick. He's been with Logan since before he got his fame on Vine and way before he became a YouTube sensation. Find out why Maverick means so much to Logan and what breed Maverick is!

What type of bird is Maverick?

About four to five years ago, Logan Paul brought a little parrot home. According to Logan's website, Maverick is a Sun Conure parrot. He's primarily orange and yellow but has splashes of red and green on the tip of his wigs. He's basically a tropical sunset in bird form.

Sun Conure parrots can cost hundreds of dollars. A bird may be a super fun pet, but they do require a lot of maintenance. Just remember that before you decide to get a Maverick of your own.

Besides, Maverick isn't just any old parrot. Maverick is a savage, according to almost all of his Instagram posts. Logan gives him a wild and carefree personality. He doesn't take anything from anyone, including Logan. This all comes back to what being a maverick means to Logan Paul and why he asks people to join a movement named after a bird. First, get to know Maverick.

You can even follow Maverick on Instagram.

Like all great pets owned by millennials, Maverick has a successful Instagram. 1.7 million followers tune in to see what kind of mischief this bird could possibly get into. When he's not starting battles with Logan's Pomeranian, Kong, Maverick is flaunting his diamond ring! That's right. Logan bought his best bird a diamond ring. At first, he got a platinum one, but that one fell off and was a little too heavy for Mav. So, he got a replacement one made out of white gold and diamonds. It's estimated value is over $4,500!

When Maverick isn't being savage AF, he likes to eat peanut butter. He's even made history by being the first bird captured in virtual reality! This kind of encapsulates everything Logan believes about being a Maverick and why he chose to name his bird that.

So, um. Why did Logan Paul name his bird Maverick in the first place?

Since Logan has had Maverick for years before his YouTube career really took off, fans didn't get to see him name the bird like he did with his dog, Kong (whose original name was Blue). But when he announced his new line of merch, Logan revealed what really drew him to the name.

Clearly, Logan loves his pet. He even called Maverick "the biggest love of his life" in the merch video. In fact, he named his production company Maverick Media. And he has a tattoo on his butt that says his bird's name. Why does Logan place so much importance on this? He explained it all in a video announcing his new merchandise.

"I forgot why I named him that," Logan begins, with Maverick the bird chilling on his shoulder. "Here's what Maverick means: someone who exhibits great independence in thought or action. This is me!"

He continues: "When I got Maverick like four or five years ago, I was like 'Yo, not only does that sound cool, but that is what I represent and that is what I want my bird to represent.'"

Now, all of the Logang can represent being a maverick with Logan Paul's merch!

Why does Maverick have Logan Paul merch?

For Logan, it's not just about the bird. It's about being bold, independent, and savage. That's the true meaning of maverick, to him. So, instead of just slapping any old quote from his vlogs on a cheap T-shirt, Logan admits that he spent months working on the clothing line. And he even hid a mockup of the logo in an Instagram post two months before the release. Check out to find surprisingly cute merch with Maverick's likeness and fun sayings like "Be a Maverick."

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