Jake Paul and Logan Paul have legitimately taken over the social media world in the past couple of years, so what does their dad Greg Paul have to do with it? Well, he's more than just a proud papa, to say the least. He's also more than a Jake Pauler or even a member of the Logang. Greg has got his own thing going on and he is seriously just as insane as his sons are on social media. He wants you to like and subscribe. He wants you to know how many followers he has on Instagram and it's freaking everyday bro that he uploads new videos. Of course, the videos aren't as intricate or complex as what Jake and Logan are into but hey, what can you expect from a middle-aged man?

Greg even has his own catchphrase at the beginning of all his videos. When Jake starts his vlogs it's always the same so if it works for Jake it can work for Greg! Right? Right. Jake says, "Hey guys, it's Jake Paul here. Make sure you're smiling, make sure you're dabbing on them haters, make sure you're working hard, it's everyday bro." You know the jingle. Greg has one too, while not as inspirational, it's still something he starts all his videos with.

"Yoooo, GP coming at you guys," is the name of the game here. We kid you not. I mean, it's kind of catchy? Or he says a little something like, "Good morning Paul family, GP coming at you!" Honestly, we have to hand it to the guy, he's really effing enthusiastic. Now we know where Logan and Jake get all of their energy from. He's also like them in other ways. GP – as we will now officially refer to him as – is anti-bullying and all about spreading the love.

The real Jake Paulers know that GP has also made an appearance in one of Jake's vlogs. We're not saying that skyrocketed him to fame or anything but it definitely got the YouTube world to notice him. Why? Because GP was on camera kissing one of Jake's fans who was blindfolded. It's super cringey but definitely a Paul family shenanigan.

Let's get to his actual following, though. In case you were wondering, GP has 497,000 loyal followers on Instagram so if you want him to surpass that half a million mark, then you better head on over to his Instagram page and click that follow button. The additional followers won't go unnoticed either. Just like Jake and Logan, GP makes official videos thanking everyone when he has reached a certain milestone. His latest? 400,000. All jokes aside, that's pretty damn impressive for a dad. But, then again, when you have Jake and Logan as your biological prodigy anything on social media is possible.

Aside from the countless things we've learned about GP since poring over his Instagram account, one, in particular, stands out and that is the fact that he's always in the woods. Or rather, he always has a wooded area as his backdrop. We're not totally hating it either. It's very ~scenic~ we're just wondering why. Is this his backyard? Does GP just like the smell of pine needles while he vlogs? But, no, he even uses Jake's green backyard as a backdrop while he's visiting him in Los Angeles. GP didn't take the selfie mode camera angle to Jake's huge foyer, or in front of Jake's cars or even next to his cute dog Apollo. It was all outside featuring the green grass backyard, obvi.

GP is really racking up a fanbase and after all of this, we're kind of proud of him. I mean, does YOUR dad have almost 500,000 followers on the gram? GP is hip, he's definitely not young but he's totally with it. Logan and Jake's mom also vlogs but it's not as high energy as GP, more just a chill mom vibe. He's a real entertainer. If he keeps this up he'll be hosting the Streamy Awards in no time. Get ready for fame GP, cause fame is damn well ready for you.

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