Logan Paul has received worldwide backlash from fans and celebrities after posting a very controversial video on his YouTube account, which was filmed in the Aokigahara forest at the edge of Mount Fuji, in Japan. The vlog has now been deleted, and Logan issued two apologies about the incident — one on Twitter and another in a video shared on his social media accounts. Of course everyone is still very much upset by all of this, and it also appears that the Japanese police would now like to question Logan about the situation in the deleted video too.

Though that isn’t the only controversy being associated with the YouTubers name at the moment. A second video of Logan’s trip to Japan surfaced on Twitter from an account called We the Unicorns. The clip — which has once again angered fans and celebrities, features Logan mocking and disrespecting both the Japanese people along with their culture by making insensitive jokes and gestures.

One of the first celebrities to speak out about the clip was Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien who had a few very harsh words for the vlogger, which he tweeted about. Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale also spoke out to fans by writing, “Please everyone. Learn from this guys mistakes. We all make them, but this is just absolutely [messed] up. I hope he reevaluates how to respect people.”

lucy hale logan paul tweet

Social media star Joey Graceffa shared his reaction to the clip as well with fans by writing, “This made me genuinely, physically ill.”

This is the latest wave of backlash to hit both brothers. Jake Paul recently angered fans when a video of him using racist terms also surfaced on social media. Logan has yet to address this latest controversy, and it’s likely that he wont as in a previous message, the YouTuber stated that he would be taking a break from his channel to reflect on his actions.

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