As Liam Payne once so eloquently said, “One Direction is who we are and who we always will be,” and that is ringing true, proving that the brotherly bond between the guys will live on forever. In fact, the 25-year-old singer and his bandmate Louis Tomlinson recently joined forces and naturally, fans are freaked out over this cute AF, mini 1D reunion.

So here’s the situation: Louis is serving as a judge on the current season of X Factor. Returning to the place where 1D was formed already brings on a serious case of the feels and seeing Louis take on this mentor role, passing his wisdom down to the next generation of artists is the sweetest. But of course, everyone wants to know if any of his bandmates will be joining him. And that’s where Liam comes in. During an Instagram Live video, the “Strip That Down” crooner let fans know that he would be reuniting with Louis for something special.

“Yeah, me and Louis might have a surprise coming for you soon actually. He’s doing very well by the way, I think he’s really found himself in the judging role, which is good,” Liam said.

And then it happened! Liam flew out to Ibiza to serve as a guest judge in the “judges’ house” segment of the show and if you happen to remember from when 1D was on the show, this was a big turning point for the guys as a band. It was the first time they all sang “Torn” together, so FEELS. Plus, Tommo and Payno ended up having the cutest reunion ever so our hearts just melted all over again.

Liam Louis X Factor Reunion Hug

CAN YOU EVEN HANDLE IT? It’s clear nothing will ever change between them, that’s for sure.

Liam then took to Instagram to share some pics from the boys’ time together on the show and he was just beyond thrilled to be back with his big bro, Louis.

“Was a pleasure to join my brother @louist91 for his judges house auditions, and of course the legend that is @nilerodgers 🙏🏼 Good luck to all of the contestants, I really enjoyed meeting you all and hearing you sing,” Liam wrote.

At the BMI Awards in London, Liam did confirm he was with Louis not too long ago, although he wouldn’t say what for.

“I saw Louis recently for something that I cannot say,” Liam teased.

Would not spill any of the tea that one! Rumors ran wild, though, that Louis was in Ibiza filming this segment of the show and when Liam was spotted in the Ibiza airport by a fan who snapped a selfie with Payno, that gave fans more proof he was there to hang with his 26-year-old bandmate to film for X Factor.

So yes, we got our LiLo reunion and it was on X Factor, the show that brought them together. Tears are forever streaming down our faces. They are the two members of the group who are both dads, so if anyone can serve as mentors who are honest and still oh so kind to the up and coming musicians, it’s these two. Precious.


louis and liam hug


Now we’re wondering what Niall Horan thinks about all this since he did say he was looking forward to attending a taping of the show to see Louis being a judge in action…

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