One of the things that will probably never come to an end is the amazing friendship between Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. Aside from the two constantly talking about how ready they would be if One Direction decided to come back tomorrow, they’ve been pretty vocal and loving and supporting one another’s solo ventures. The "Just Hold On" singer has even said he’d only trust the Irish heartthrob to babysit his little lad, Freddie.

Well, the Nouis love has continued. This time it was the "Slow Hands" singer who had a few choice words for his buddy, after a tweet about some Irish lads. So let’s just start this from the beginning. Louis was watching X-Factor from the comfort of his home, and like anyone else who watches something they like – he decided to do a little live-tweeting. He wrote, “Time for abit of X factor.” Then followed up that tweet with, “I like these little Irish lads but enough with the rapping.”

That last tweet didn’t sit too well with Niall because he jokingly wrote back to his friend, “Stop talking about me like that , I’ll rap if I want . You know I can spit bars .”

Okay, so Nialler rapping? That’s something everyone of course needs to see to believe, and luckily Directioners delivered. As soon as the “Slow Hands” singer tweeted that out, they were quick to remind the world about a classic 1D video in which he and Liam Payne are spitting out some bars.

Yup, so anyone who ever questioned his rapping skills can clearly put them to rest. Though of course, Louis was quick to remind his former bandmate who even showed him how to rap in the first place. The "Just Like You" singer replied, "lad you're forgetting I taught you everything you know #raplife #donnysoldier." To which Niall wrote back, "True dat !! Forgot the Yorkshire lads are known for rap aswell hahaha."

Looks like for a minute there Nialler forgot who showed him the ropes, so of course he had to give Louis his props. So c'mon let's be real here for a second: are we ever going to get a Nouis rap battle? Well, Niall spoke all about it and how it's just a joke between the bros.

"We just have the fans convinced we can both rap and they're going along with it. I cannot rap at all but some reason people just don't understand our sarcasm and they actually think we're going to start having rap battles now. It's a complete joke, I can't rap at all. I can barely talk, let alone rap!" Niall said to E! News.

So there we have it. We'll just take this exchange as more proof the guys' bromance is alive and well and we're totally not mad about it at all.

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