This is all so very frightening! Louis Tomlinson is just trying to live his best life of making music and spending time with his son, but everything has now been flipped on it’s lid after he’s reportedly received numerous threats of violence towards him and his family from various unknown numbers on the popular app, WhatsApp.

It is being reported by Gossip Cop, that the One Direction singer turned over everything that was sent to him by authorities in hopes of uncovering who this awful person is. The “Back to You” singer even attempted to stop this individual before getting the police involved by responding to the messages, but it clearly didn’t work.

Once word of this terrible situation hit, fans from across the world rallied together to show Tommo and his family their support. #StayStrongLouis began trending on Twitter, and fans were quick to condemn the individuals responsible for this horrific act while also showing their love for him too.

Louis has yet to say anything publicly about the situation or the kind words fans have been sending him, but without a doubt they are appreciated. If there’s one thing Directioners are great at, it’s rallying around the boys to show them just how loved they are – even in their darkest times.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to the “Just Hold On” singer. A few years ago, all of his iMessage account information was leaked, and a year after that incident, a super fan somehow got their hands on his phone number and began calling him while recording their conversations.

Clearly Tommo was not thrilled about the breach in privacy then, and even less so now that he’s got his little lad, Freddie and the rest of his family to also keep safe and sound. We hope this situation comes to a resolution soon, and Louis can put it all behind him.

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