A longtime joke, and Demi Lovato is leaning in! Those who have been on the internet for a few years will remember when the Poot Lovato meme was launched in October 2015. At the time, a washed-out photo of Demi surfaced online and Tumblr users started a rumor that the “Neon Lights” singer actually had a twin sister — named Poot.

“Demi’s twin sister. She was locked in a basement her whole life,” the original post, which has since been deleted, read. “This picture was taken the first time she went outside. Her name is Poot.”

Keep reading for everything to know about Poot Lovato, Demi’s response to the meme and more. 

Who Is Poot Lovato?

Poot is Demi’s fictional twin sister that was created by fans on Tumblr. Over the years, fans have continued the joke, creating various social media accounts under the name, Poot Lovato.

Who Is Poot Lovato? Demi Lovato Meme Explained, The Singer's Quotes
Alex Goodlett/Getty Images for Operation Smile; Demi Lovato/TikTok

What Has Demi Lovato Said About Poot Lovato?

Initially, Demi responded in a series of since-deleted Twitter posts from October 2012.

“Cool to see a s–tty angle turn into a meme that circulates the Internet to people’s amusement ha” they wrote at the time. “Oh and make actual ‘headlines.'”

Years later, she shared a gif of Poot in a separate Twitter post from April 2017. The following year, Demi, once again, acknowledged Poot’s existence.

“Poot is locked up” the singer posted in June 2018. “She’s allergic to sunlight.”

However, Demi never spoke of Poot publicly until July 2023.

“When Poot went viral, that actually sucked because I thought that was a real picture of me, and I was like, ‘Oh no, that’s a really bad angle,'” Demi recalled to Harper’s Bazaar. “But Poot was Photoshopped. Later, I felt better about it because I realized that wasn’t my face but it was definitely weird when it went viral … it’s really funny to look back on.”

To celebrate their birthday in August 2023, Demi even got cupcakes with Poot’s face on them.

“So, I just want to show you guys my cakes. This one is so gorgeous. This one is so cute,” they shared in a TikTok video at the time, displaying all her birthday treats. “And this one is so Poot!”

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