Sofia Carson might be one of the biggest celebrities in young Hollywood, but she manages to stay grounded with the help of her family! Her and her younger sister, Paulina Char, are best friends and do almost everything together. Keep reading to uncover everything we know about Sofia’s sister, Paulina!

Who Is Paulina Char?

Paulina, 27, is Sofia’s younger and only sister. She works in the beauty industry and is an executive at Tower 28 Beauty, where she helps create the makeup products. “I think there’s something so special and fulfilling about creating a make up product from start to finish and then seeing it in the world being loved by people,” she told Hola! Magazine in July 2021.

“Every time I walk into a Sephora and I see our products doing so well and so loved will forever be a highlight of my career. And doing it with our incredible team at Tower 28 beauty, that I love so much, makes work fun!”

Paulina explained that she always had a deep love for beauty products and makeup since she was a little girl and used to go through her mom’s makeup stash to experiment. She told Hola!, “I would beg my parents to please get me every new product I would see on infomercials! It’s truly always been a part of me.”

Are Sofia Carson and Paulina Char Close?

Sofia and Paulina are super close — just take a look at their Instagram accounts! The sisters constantly post pictures of one another, and Paulina is usually Sofia’s plus one at red carpet events.

“My sister is my best friend,” Sofia told Hola! “I admire that she carries her heart on her sleeve. I admire her fire and I admire her strength. I admire that she always has been and always will be, unapologetically herself.”

She continued, “Pau and I are different in so many ways … and I think that is precisely one of the reasons we are so close. It’s as if, together, we balance each other perfectly. But, in our hearts, we share so much more: we share the same values and morals, passed down to us by our family. We share the fire that we inherited from our extraordinary mom.”

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