STAYC girls, it’s going down! If you don’t know STAYC, where have you been? The K-pop girl group is known for their fun visuals and clever and addictive choreography from “ASAP” to “Stereotype“! Keep reading for everything we know about STAYC.

The girl group consists of six members: Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon and J. They debuted in November 2020 with their single “SO BAD,” which immediately caught the K-pop world’s attention. Originally named HIGHUP Girls, the group is from a small South Korean music label called High Up Entertainment. The group’s name now, STAYC, is an acronym for “Star to a Young Culture,” and is meant to “reflect the act’s aim of dominating pop culture.”

On top of that, the girls are known for their impressive vocals, as they nearly always sing live (something of a rarity in K-pop). Sieun addressed how the group approaches their live performances in a January 2023 interview with Singles Magazine. “I always bear in mind that the overall situation cannot always be good. We perform live for most of our performances and in order to courageously deal with any kind of environment, we prioritize connecting with the live audience.”

Prior to debut, STAYC’s main vocalist, Sieun, was well-known as both being the daughter of veteran South Korean singer Park Nam-jung, and for her roles in dramas such as The Good WifeQueen for Seven Days, and The Crowned Clown. She even won the Youth Acting Award in 2018 SBS Drama Awards for her role in Still 17.

The group made their Japanese debut in November 2022 with “Poppy,” which went pretty viral on TikTok for its rap and dance (they’re nicknamed “SLAYC” by fans). They made their 2023 comeback on Valentine’s Day with “Teddy Bear,” and released “Bubble” in August.

“We didn’t expect to get so much love for [our] releases,” admitted Sumin in an interview with NME. “Since we work very hard on all the content, we’re always curious about fans’ [known as SWITH] reactions. We get so encouraged and motivated whenever we see positive responses.”

Sieun told the outlet that she hopes that STAYC can become a group “that leads youth culture” and “brings a positive impact globally.”

“We hope [that people] get energy and inspiration from us to live out their lives with confidence and boldness.” Scroll through the gallery below to meet the members of STAYC a.k.a. SLAYC.

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