There might be babies in Meghan Trainor‘s future! Yep, that’s right, the “Dear Future Husband” songstress revealed that she’s ready to have a child with husband Daryl Sabara.

As fans know, Meghan married her longtime boyfriend Daryl in December 2018. The couple wed on the singer’s 25th birthday, exactly one year after Daryl asked her to marry him. Now, they’re looking to expand their family!

“[I want] to go on tour next summer, and then I want to make a baby,” Meghan told beauty guru NikkieTutorials in a video posted to her channel on Friday, January 31. “I haven’t told anybody this. I don’t know if it’s gonna happen.”

By this time next year, the 26-year-old just might have a bun in the oven. The singer also admitted that along with “gardening” and lounging “by the pool,” she would love to make an album during her pregnancy.

“I want one! [My mom and I] discussed it all last week. I’m gonna be so pregnant!” she told viewers. “That’s my end game. Get through the tour, and get through this album. Hopefully have the world hear it, then make a baby… in celebration.”

Aside from wanting to have a baby with her husband, Meghan also chatted about her new album Treat Myself — released on Friday, January 31 —while Nikkie did her makeup, in the video.

“Anything that you’re dealing with in life that’s real difficult, no matter how busy you are in your career or in your life, you’re allowed to take a moment to stop and to heal from that,” she explained. “It’s a really fun album, very dancey. You can dance to it and you can cry to it. Mostly dance and have a great time.”

Meghan also looked back on her success in the music industry and revealed that she never imagined that the song “All About That Bass” would skyrocket her to stardom and help her gain confidence.

“I never had that confidence but I put a character on [for the song] and then eventually it helped me,” she said.

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