Calling all music fans — Metro Station is about to release new music! Yep, that’s right, the band that brought you 2007’s infectious bop, “Shake It,” is about make a comeback. The group comprised of Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso — the brothers of Hannah Montana stars Miley Cyrus and Mitchel Musso — may have announced their official breakup back in 2017, but it looks like emo-music lovers everywhere can expect new tunes from the duo in the near future.

“We just finished our third song back together in the past week. So it’s been going really good,” Trace told AltPress in an interview released on Friday, December 20. “The goal is for me to come back here after I get to spend the holidays with my family and then shoot our first music video and just put a single out to the world.”

After he confirmed that new music was, indeed, coming soon, the 30-year-old opened up about their decision to reunite.

“I think a few years ago, I just got so burnt out on the touring side of music that I just wanted some time off and to get my personal life together,” he admitted. “And now it’s just things like TikTok and Spotify and all these new things that didn’t exist before have made ‘Shake It’ and Metro Station take off in a whole new way that we thought would never happen. It’s really, really cool, and it just inspired us to want to get back together and make new songs.”

As for what fans can expect to hear when listening to their new songs, Metro Station is set to drop some epic dance tracks.

“It’s definitely that more upbeat dance vibe,” Trace told the publication. “I think we’re to the point where we just want to give the fans exactly what they want to get. It’s not about making songs that we want to hear or we like. I think as artists, we start to do that a lot of times [and] our opinion starts to mean more than what the fanbase or the rest of the world’s opinion is. And right now, we just want to give people what they want and really have those top 40 upbeat dance tracks that, you know, you can rock out to.”

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