Michael Clifford‘s hair should be studied for years to come. No, seriously — how does the 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist still have any locks after his hair dying days of 2012 to 2016? That being said, we’ve done all 5SOS fans a service and collected photos of the most iconic hair colors that Michael has sported throughout the years — you’re welcome.

For those who live under a rock, 5 Seconds of Summer is an Australian four-member band comprised of guitarist, vocalist and producer Michael, vocalist-guitarist Luke Hemmings, drummer Ashton Irwin and bassist-vocalist Calum Hood. The quartet were thrown into stardom after opening for One Direction from 2013 to 2015. Their song “She Looks So Perfect” threw them into the spotlight, with “Good Girls” in 2014 and “She’s Kinda Hot” in 2015 solidifying them into the Tumblr-induced pop punk scene.

“There’s something really special about whatever spirit is within pop-punk and emo,” Michael explained to Rolling Stone in March 2022. “We’ve always been such advocates for that type of music and we really lifted the people up in that community when we were coming up and still now. So, it’s always been really important and special to us, and it’s incredible seeing it getting the love that it deserves now,” Michael said, referring to the resurgence of “emo” music in recent years.

“Yeah, it’s funny, ‘cause we were like, six years too early,” Michael said of 5SOS. “When we first came out in like, 2014, or whatever that was sort of the sound that we had, and the kind of sound that we’d been trying to popularize and bring back. Eventually, as an artist, you change and you evolve and your tastes change and what you’re interested in sort of shifts, especially as a band.”

5SOS’ most recent album 5SOS5 was released on September 23, 2022, and meshes their punk roots with a more thoughtful and vulnerable cadence to the band. “I think we wanted to – especially with this album – make sure that we had feelings of capturing the essence of what that pop-punk stuff gives you and whatever emotions that they evoke, but then apply it to something that sounds a little more mature and a little more beautiful and different. But, you know, we still have our pop-punk thesis. I don’t think there’s any escaping that.”

OK, back to his hair now. Throughout the years, Michael’s hair has been every color in the rainbow and then some — from pink, red, purple, the iconic reverse skunk-do and pink again. Scroll through our gallery to uncover all of the different hair color Michael has donned (R.I.P. Michael’s hair follicles).

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