Rumors are swirling that Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius are an item, and we have Instagram to thank for it. It all started when fans spotted the two spending time together at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida on New Year’s Eve with Millie’s family.

Well, Millie just took to her Instagram Stories to share a throwback from New Year’s Eve, and the selfie has “dating” written all over it. Did they share a New Year’s kiss, perhaps?

jacob sartorius millie bobby brown nye

Speculation first arose after the leading lady of Stranger Things took to the social media platform to share a particularly adorable photo of herself snuggling with a big teddy bear. “Thanks for the bear ❤️,” she captioned the pic.

And this is where the juicy part comes in – Jacob replied in the comments section by saying “Course ❤️” complete with a big red heart emoji to match the one she used. Pretty flirty, huh? Just see for yourself in the screenshot we grabbed.

millie bobby brown jacob sartorius

Now, this wasn’t the first time the 15-year-old web star and 13-year-old actress shared a social media interaction. Millie and Jacob have exchanged likes, and Millie even left a pink heart emoji on one of Jacob’s shots from November. During one of our Facebook Live interviews with Jacob, we learned that having a girl like your pics is a big deal-breaker for him relationship-wise.

“If I like yours, and then you don’t like mine… it’s like, it wrecks the chemistry,” he told us.

jacob sartorius millie bobby brown

And who could forget when she posted the eyeball emoji on another one of his posts from October? The Instagram flirting continues…

jacob sartorius instagram

And if that wasn’t enough, Jacob has been tweeting a lot about love these days.

Yes, Jacob is known for posting a lot of deep, yet cryptic tweets about love – so this could be more general. However, it would make total sense if they were mysteriously directed at Millie. Why? Oh, because she liked it.

millie jacob sartorius tweet

Well, it looks like Jacob is finally over his celeb crush and moved on to someone new. He mentioned in the past how much he just loves Selena Gomez.

“I just want to shout-out Selena Gomez. My name’s Jacob. I like food, and I’d be a really good boyfriend,” Jacob said in an interview with J-14.

Previously, Jacob was linked to Disney Channel star Jenna Ortega of Stuck in the Middle – as she appeared as his love interest in his music video for his song “Chapstick.” While it seems as though the two were just hanging to shoot the video, fans were definitely shipping the heck out of them anyway. So naturally, we just had to ask Jacob himself. Turns out, they were just really good friends. But their bond went beyond the video – he said they got along really well off camera too.

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tomorrow. @jennaortega

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“We’re really good friends, and she’s really nice,” Jacob exclusively told J-14. “It was really fun to film the video. She’s really nice, so we had good chemistry on camera and off.”

Whether Millie and Jacob are just friends like he was with Jenna – or there’s something more between them – we do not know. Only time will tell, we suppose. But hey, they do look cute together.

This post was originally published on January 16, 2018 and since has been updated.

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