Milo Manheim powered his Dancing With the Stars performance last night – you wouldn’t even know he was injured! The Disney Channel star, who you may know best for playing Zed in Zombies, took to Twitter prior to his performance to let fans know he pulled a muscle in his leg.

The 17-year-old triple threat tweeted, “i have officially injured my leg so i’m currently a little #upset.”

Milo took to his Instagram stories to document the treatment he was getting on his right hamstring, and his physical therapist, Dr. Gina Minchella, reposted his video to thank him for the shout-out.

“@milomanheim getting much needed treatment for his newest injury from yours truly,” she wrote. “Thanks for the shout-out (and the compliment) Milo.”

Well, it looks like her treatment worked because you wouldn’t have even known Milo wasn’t feeling his best. That’s right – the star seriously slayed on the ballroom dance floor, despite his injury. This week was the “Most Memorable Year” theme, and Milo dedicated his performance to this year, 2018. Why? Well, basically this year rocked for him. First, Zombies came out – and now he’s competing on Dancing With the Stars! He is seriously killing it.

What’s sure to help Milo through his entire Dancing With the Stars journey is the support he has from his friends and family – particularly, his mother, Camryn Manheim. Milo’s mom just so happens to be a former Disney Channel star herself, as a matter of fact. Yep, that’s right. The 57-year-old actress starred in Hannah Montana back in the day. But she’s not the only Disney star supporting Milo in the DWTS audience. The actor’s Zombies co-stars, Meg Donnelly and Kylee Russell, are supporting him too.

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