Dancing With the Stars can’t get rid of Jordan Fisher quite yet! The Season 25 champion, who took home the mirrorball trophy alongside his partner Dancing Queen Lindsay Arnold, is returning for the very first season of Dancing With the Stars Juniors. And it’s his previous competitor and friend Frankie Muniz who will be joining him as co-host to create a serious power duo. We caught up with Jordan to chat all about the upcoming show, and he told us all about what to expect. 

J-14: What part of hosting Dancing With the Stars Juniors are you most excited about?

Jordan Fisher: I’m excited about being a part of the Dancing With the Stars family. I think this is an element of the family we were missing. I am excited to see how well it does and hope to watch it for years and years to come.

J-14: Are you worried at all about having to break the news to contestants who get eliminated?

JF: Yeah, I am worried. It’s definitely something that weighs heavy on my heart. All of these kids are at the best summer camp of their entire lives, and everybody is already in love with each other. Everyone hangs out with each other on set and off, so the idea of telling a kid that they have to go home is a really devastating idea, but it’s the nature of the competition and it unfortunately has to happen. 

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J-14: Do you plan to you take on the dance floor at any point?

JF: Who knows? It’s hard to say. I wouldn’t put it past Dancing With The Stars to put me back out on the floor with Lindsay [Arnold]. We’ve had a blast together, love dancing with each other and obviously enjoy spending time with one another. There’s such a family feel to this show, but I’m just not sure yet. 

J-14: Will you act as a mentor to the contestants in any way?

JF: Yeah, actually it’s been a lot of fun doing things a little differently. I think that there is something pretty special about being a host who actually competed on the show before and ended up winning it. Funny enough, I’ve actually known several of the kids on this season for years just from being in the music/film/TV industry; because of this, it’s felt like a very natural step into being a mentor. I pop into rehearsals throughout the week and check on everyone, give pep talks and watch their numbers. It has been really fun, and I get to play more than just one role as a host.”

J-14: Aside from hosting the show, you’re a very busy guy – balancing acting, singing and your personal life. What other projects do you have in the works and how do you do it all?

JF: In the last year or so, I started producing and developing several projects in the TV and film world. I’ve got a couple projects that I’m working on right now that I’m pretty excited about. There are several things that haven’t been announced yet that people will start to see in the next few months. Balancing it all takes sanity. I try to make sure I take time for myself and spend time with my girl, my family, my friends and my dog. That’s what keeps me sane. You know I’ve said this a thousand times before, but there’s a real separation between work and personal life for me, and I have to make sure I keep that separation there. The nature of my industry is that we don’t ever clock out; we are constantly going so taking time for myself is extremely important. 

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