Liv Rooney and Holden Dippledorf (er, Jordan Fisher and Dove Cameron) are the Disney Channel couple everyone will forever ship, but what if we told you the pair goes way back to even before their Disney Channel days? Yep, that’s right. Jordan and Dove have been friends for years, which leads fans to believe that perhaps the dynamic duo could collaborate for another project, even though their Liv and Maddie days are behind them. Just the mere thought of these two superhumanly talented stars reuniting to create another piece of art is enough to get us pumped.

We caught up with Jordan at the Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch launch event, and he filled us in the possibilities of the Liv and Maddie co-stars collaborating again – because come on, the fans are begging it to happen.

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“We would love to. She has been a dear friend since before Liv and Maddie even was a thing, and we loved each other and loved the idea of working with each other,” Jordan tells us.

So what’ll it be? A movie, television show, maybe a song collab? The possibilities are endless, really.

He continues, “We actually dreamed and schemed of an idea of me coming onto the show to play her boyfriend on Liv and Maddie and it worked out, thankfully, which is really nice. We love each other. We definitely want to continue to work together. We have an idea of a couple different Broadway shows we could end up being in together. Who knows? That’s something we’re both open to.”

Wait, Dove and Jordan on BROADWAY together? Is the world even ready for that?! Well, we know Dove loved Jordan’s Hamilton performance (although love is probs an understatement), as she came to see Jordan when he was starring in the hit Broadway show. And naturally, it resulted in tears.

“Dove came to see me in Hamilton and she’s already an emotional person, her natural response to those things are tears,” Jordan said. “Whether she’s happy or sad, that’s how she is and I’ve become that way too. Probably because of my lack of sleep but she came and we hung out afterward and it was just so emotional.”

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(Photo credit: Instagram, @dovecameron)

Jordan has literally been in non-stop go-go-go mode for his entire career, but he’s been especially busy recently while starring on Dancing With the Stars. In the midst of flying from coast to coast for various events and DWTS duties, Jordan managed to also film his v dance-heavy “Mess” music video. It is simply beyond our understanding how he remembers all these steps at once, but that goes to show just how driven and talented the kid is. As for what’s next? He’s not slowing down, you guys. More is to come, and it’s just going up from here.

He exclusively tells us, “It’s going to be a lot of me traveling all over the country multiple times over the course of 2018. It’s kind of a catch me in a city near you answer. Definitely a lot of new music and developing a couple projects right now as well as getting ready to put my debut album out, which I’m really excited about, and tour. All of these things will all become abundantly clear in time very soon.”

Hold up – did he just casually mention an upcoming tour? WE. ARE. READY.

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