We here at J-14 feel very strongly about the greatest Disney Channel Movie to ever exist, and we think it's safe to say you'll agree with us that it is the one and only High School Musical. Yes? Good, we're all in this together then. That is precisely why our ears perked up when we heard Disney was making a new show out of the iconic franchise. We caught up with Monique Coleman at Disney's "Dream Big, Princess" photography exhibit, and she filled us in on all things HSM – from the new TV show to her current friendships with the cast. Turns out, Monique honestly didn't even know a television series was in the works – she found out when we did.

taylor high school musical

"I've heard about [the show]. I'm just interested. I heard about it the way everybody else did, and I'd watch it. I'd be interested to see what it's about – and High School Musical is such an incredible brand and franchise, and it's in people's hearts. I'm interested to see what they do with it," Monique exclusively dished to J-14.

As for that fake High School Musical 4 trailer that went viral, Monique was a big fan. The actress turned activist was truly blown away by how real the story felt – as did the rest of us.

"That gave me life. It felt like a real show," she told us. "I loved it, and we all circulated it and thought it was really cool."

In case you're not familiar – the trailer, which gives us full body chills every time we watch it, consisted of a bunch of clips of the cast member's more recent movies and shows – blended perfectly together to create a super nostalgic HSM fantasy film.

Oh, and in case you weren't convinced the old co-stars are actually friends still, Monique confirmed with us that they're most definitely remain friends to this very day.

Monique shared with us, "We're true friends, and we're there for each other – whether it be going to see one another's shows or being at each other's weddings or someone's having a baby. We are blessed to be a real family that actually supports each other all the time. Olesya [Rulin] and I hang out and we do things with each other. It's really nice to have maintained a friendship with people who also went through something so big at the same time – because it keeps us grounded."

Once a wildcat, always a wildcat.

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