Monique Coleman is known best for playing the key role of Taylor McKessie in the most beloved Disney Channel Original Movie franchise in the world, High School Musical. Now, Monique has a new docu-series, Gimme Mo, that premieres on Discovery Life today, Oct. 3. J-14 caught up with the star to hear all about it! Watch our exclusive video to learn more about Monique’s docuseries, Gimme Mo

HSM gave the actress an incredible platform – and so, she decided to put acting on the back burner after the fame frenzy in order to do something that would truly change the world and fill her soul. For her, the thing that makes her feel most fulfilled is empowering young people.

“Fame was never going to fill me. It wasn’t going to give me something that I needed. It wasn’t going to take care of me. It wasn’t going to make me like myself. It wasn’t going to prevent me from experiencing pain and heartache. And that’s why I made a commitment to give back to young people,” the 37-year-old actress exclusively tells us.

In her show, she does just that.

High School Musical obviously gave me my platform, but this is something that I’m so passionate about because to me, being able to empower young people and talk about real things is just so critical in life right now. And so some of the topics we talk about are more deeper topics, like youth homelessness, sex trafficking, bullying. And then, we also talk about things like social media, body image, self-esteem – pretty much anything that impacts young people,” Monique tells J-14.

Leave it to the legend that is Monique to truly inspire us! 

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