There are truly some amazing K-pop groups out there just slaying the game and allow us to introduce you to MONSTA X, if you’re not already obsessed with them! The seven-member group — made up Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, I.M., and Jooheon — know how to create some jams set to sleek beats that perfectly highlight their fire dance moves. We dare you not to instantly become a loyal member of their Monbebe fandom!

When we caught up with the guys, we just had to ask them all about their songs, how much their fans mean to them, and what their relationships are like with other K-pop artists. Oh, and what happened when they got underwear thrown at them while they were performing! But seriously, prepare to just totally fall for these guys even more, they’re just THAT sweet. Check out our exclusive Q & A below:

What’s one song that has meant the most to you in your life and why?

Shownu: The most meaningful song is our debut song, “Trespass.” I mean, everyone has prepared for a long time with a dream of debut, and “Trespass” is the first result. I really love it. It is a song that we can look back at how long we have wanted to debut, even though we had a hard time. It has become something that we will never forget for the rest of our lives.

Wonho: “I’ll Be There,” which was our first fan song. It’s the first song that we prepared only for our fans, so it’s meaningful. For us, the fans are the most precious and the  reason why we play music. This is the first song that I gave to Monbebe.  

If you could only ever perform one of your songs for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Jooheon: I think it’s too early to choose, but I think for now it’s “DRAMARAMA.” Rankings are not important, but it showed us that many people liked and listened to our music.

Hyungwon: “If Only” is a song from our last album. I always liked this song from the beginning, but I think I became more fond of it through our world tour. We were  eally impressed when our fans sang the song in our encore at the last concert in Seoul. While all Monbebe were singing this song in one voice, something was going on inside me. I thought that there are fans here who love us so much, and I should work harder to show you a better performance.

What’s been your most memorable fan encounter?

I.M: Most memorable moment for me was to see our fans dance and sing together with  us. Although they are not fluent in Korean, it is so meaningful to see how hard they prepared.

Minhyuk: There are fans in Latin America who throw underwear onto the stage. It was such a surprise when I saw it for the first time, but later I realized it was their passionate way to express their love. We all kind of get used to it now.  

What’s your relationship like with other K-pop groups, like BTS? Are you fans of their music? How do your fandoms interact?

Kihyun: Since we usually hang out with our members, we don’t have many K-pop  group friends, but we are pretty close to Seventeen. We spend a lot of time together in  broadcasting stations. We usually keep in touch with each other and exchange compliments when our new albums come out. Monbebe seem to communicate through various social networks. They often have good conversations and socialize.

Jooheon: Jeong Sewoon! He is not a K-pop group, but he and I also cheer each other on. I’m more supportive because he is also in the same company with us and I have watched him since I was trainee.

See, told you! The boys of MONSTA X are some true gems, that’s for sure.

Additional reporting by Toni Ferrigno.

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