MONSTA X just debuted their first ever subunit! The project, titled SHOWNU X HYUNWON, dropped their first joint album titled THE UNSEEN on July 25, 2023. Keep reading for details on their subunit, a lyric breakdown on title track “Love Me A Little” and details on MONSTA X.


The subunit, obviously, includes MONSTA X members HYUNGWON and SHOWNU.

THE UNSEEN includes 5 tracks: “Love Me A Little,” “Love Therapy,” “Roll With Me,” “Play Me” and “Slow Dance.” The album is ultimately about the two artists finding a way of loving while also becoming the person you love.

“This unit is made up of SHOWNU and me because we are two of the performance members of the team,” HYUNGWON told Consequence in July 2023. “I feel very honored to perform and be in this unit with SHOWNU, and we think MONBEBE [MONSTA X fandom name] will enjoy a different charm than MONSTA X as a team.”

HYUNGWON X SHOWNU ‘Love Me A Little’ Lyric Breakdown

The release of their album was accompanied by a music video for the mini-album’s lead single, “Love Me a Little.”

“Charmed by that unfamiliar scent, you just won’t come to me,” the pair takes turn singing. “Locked in your room, I get more excited today. Love me a little, love me a little bit. Your scent blows into my love you. Love me a little, love me a little bit.”

HYUNGWON participated in the lyrics for “Love Me A Little,” as well as composition and arrangement of the track, while SHOWNU worked with the FreeMind dance team on performance and choreography.

“It was really hard,” SHOWNU said on preparing the choreo. “There wasn’t a lot of time to practice, because there were a lot of revisions to the choreography this time. We had less time to prepare. Working with the FreeMind crew was great, because we’re already very close. Confirming the final choreography took a while.”


MONSTA X debuted under Starship Entertainment in 2015, composed of of six members: SHOWNU, HYUNGWON, MINHYUK, KIHYUN, JOOHONEY and I.M., with former member WONHO having left the group in October 2019. They were formed through the reality survival program called No.Mercy.

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