The Naked Brothers Band will be back in action before you know it. Yes, we are being serious! The cast fo the beloved Nickelodeon show is ready to reunite in 2018 and we are so here for it. So let's break it all down:

One of the show's stars and guitarist of the band Qaasim Middleton took to Twitter to let his former co-stars know he is ready for the reunion everyone has been waiting for to happen in 2018, which as we all know is only a few weeks away. The new year is quickly approaching.

nbb reunion tweet

And Nat and Alex Wolff are down for it too.

nat and alex nbb tweet

OK, now this is starting to get v exciting. David Levi, another cast member who may remember as the keyboardist, said he needs to start practicing but he's obvi willing to get back in the swing of things.

david levi nbb tweet

And last but not least, the bassist Rosalina herself, Allie DiMeco, said she 100% wants to be included in this reunion too.

Literally, the whole squad wants this to happen! It helps that the crew is still as close as ever and have been friends for so long. Nat and Alex go way back with David.

And Qaasim is out here ready to call Nat and Alex's mom about getting the Naked Brothers Band's iconic song "Crazy Car" streaming, since he would like to take a listen every now and then.

As you may already know, the concept of the Naked Brothers Band was created by Polly and was inspired by her sons Nat and Alex, which is how they ended up starring in the show, which was based on the TV movie The Naked Brothers Band. So basically, they've kept it all in the family, which is why a reunion is something that really can happen. Clearly, everyone is still close and would love to get the band back together. Anyone who was a fan of the show and the catchy AF songs they all created together knows this would nothing short of iconic. And as what we think Nat pointed out on the Wolff's brothers' Twitter, there are some things he would like to redo from his time being one of the stars of the Nick show.

Hey back then, this was a total look and he slayed it. So how about that NBB reunion? Looks like there's a good chance it can totally happen. What a time.

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