Nessa Barrett is remembering Cooper Noriega in her latest single “Club Heaven,” which was released on Friday, October 6. The track is a tribute to her best friend, who died last year at just 19 years old on June 9, 2022. Keep reading for everything we know.

What Is Nessa Barrett’s ‘Club Heaven’ Single About?

Nessa’s latest single is an exploration of grief and healing after mourning the loss of her best friend, Cooper. On the track, she pays tribute to their past relationship.

“It’s one of the most special songs I’ve ever written,” Nessa said of the single in a statement. “I had to heal in order to be in a place to release it, and I can’t wait for everyone to feel it with me. This song is for anyone who is missing someone. This one is for you, Coop.”

In honor of Cooper, Nessa has released “we hate paparazzi” merch — an idea they both talked about prior to his passing. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Coop’s Advice, to raise awareness about mental health and addiction.

The singer-songwriter opened up about dealing with grief during a podcast episode of “Call Her Daddy” in October 2022. “I believe you have multiple soulmates in your life, and I feel like he was my platonic soulmate. … I’ve never had anyone understand me the way that he did,” she said of her former best friend.

After he passed, Nessa said she “lost” herself. She explained, “I was destroyed because there was never a thought in my brain that I would ever have to live a single day without him.”

What Are the Lyrics to Nessa Barrett’s ‘Club Heaven’?

Throughout the song, Nessa is imagining her past loved one in a setting that she wishes she could get to, but obviously, can’t.

“You always liked an afterparty, so I guess I shoulda known, said we hate the paparazzi, now you’re somewhere they can’t go,” she croons in the first verse. “I hope you know I’m sorry, that I’m not with you right now. Can’t pick up when you call me, can’t hear it through the clouds.”

She continues in the chorus, “I hope you’re dancin’ in club Heaven, smokin’ some blue dream with your legends. I bet you’re up in the V.I.P., raisin’ some hell for me, until I get in (I can’t get in) to club Heaven.”

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