These no makeup looks prove that Nessa Barrett, like her debut album said, is Young Forever. The internet star got her claim to fame thanks to TikTok, but has since become a major musician. Aside from singing and songwriting, Nessa is also a budding beauty guru and has shared her makeup routine with fans in various videos. Not to mention, she’s been candid about her mental health struggles, which often includes her relationship with beauty standards.

“I’m trying to break the whole standard of how life is perfect, when it’s not,” she told Seventeen in January 2022. “I wish that I had a person that was releasing music or openly advocating for mental health, to [help me] realize that there’s a lot of people that go through it. If I saw an artist that was successful and they still dealt with mental health, then I would have known it was OK for me as well.”

Nessa added, “I guess that’s my biggest hope, for people to know that it’s normal and that they’re not alone and that it always gets better.”

Perhaps one of her more honest songs is “Dying on the Inside,” in which Nessa opened up about her past eating disorder struggles.

“I feel like in this time too, everyone is dealing with quarantine, COVID and being stuck in the house and only being able to be on their phones. What comes with that is a lot of teens struggling with comparing themselves to all of these abnormal beauty standards that are portrayed online. It causes a lot of damage,” she said of the track. “I wanted to share my experience with [the eating disorder] that I’ve had, while also being able to make a song that people can relate to. Even if they don’t have an eating disorder, they might still struggle with comparing themselves to other people online.”

While she’s continuing to make music, Nessa is still interacting with fans on social media — and that includes sharing all her studio and performance selfies.

Click through our gallery to see the singer’s no makeup photos over the years. 

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