Harry Styles may have kicked off his first ever solo tour in San Francisco, but it was his show in Los Angeles last night that is making headlines. Of course, he was amazing and in total Harry mode, spitting water from his mouth and prancing around the stage with a Pride flag. Typical, really. But, besides that, there were some pretty famous faces in the audience, including Niall Horan and Hazza's rumored girlfriend Camille Rowe. The fact that Nialler showed up in between his own gigs makes us believe in that One Direction magic that got us hooked in the first place all those years ago.

If one thing is for sure, fans can rest assured that the boys still talk. They don't hate each other. There is no bad blood and they are in contact on a regular basis. They definitely text. They definitely listen to each other's music before the rest of the world gets to here. And, above all, they definitely have each other's backs and support one another no matter what. Niall showing face was really huge for not only his friendship with Harry but the fandom's sanity as well.

Stoppppp. He looks so happy and proud and our hearts can't handle this. It's freaking adorable and Twitter freaked the EFF out over it, too. A fan tweeted, "Niall went to Harry's show
Harry called 1D his wonderful friends
Louis said him & Niall are brothers not friends

They love each other a lot."

This Twitter user brings up another piece of the One Direction puzzle we've got going on here. There are rumors that before Harry sang the 1D song, "Stockholm Syndrome," he gave a shout out to the boys. We have yet to see a video, but the fact that he said those things is going viral once again, proving that the boys are besties. So, Nialler made an appearance and everyone had a freak attack. But Camille was also reportedly at the show.

Remember her? She's the one that accidentally put up a Snapchat story and Harry's voice can be heard in the background. Camille is a Victoria's Secret model and, after she was spotted with Harry backstage at a concert in New York City recently, they have been rumored to be dating. Whether or not the rumors are true, they are definitely friends. This show of support that Harry got from Niall and Camille undoubtedly made him super confident and excited for this new chapter.

Now all we can hope for is that Harry returns the favor and checks out Niall's Flicker Sessions. Once you're in the One Direction family, there really is no way you will ever leave it.


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