We all know Niall Horan is one of the biggest artists in the world, which means he’s constantly on the move. The One Direction member is used to being on the road due to being in the band, what many might not know is that how he gets from point A to point B can actually be quite terrifying for him. In an interview with The Irish Times, the “Slow Hands” talked a bit about his biggest fear; and it’s something quite common.

During the interview, Niall went on to explain that he suffers from claustrophobia. This of course means that being in a confined space for a long period of time can cause him quite a bit of stress. He explained, “I sometimes freak out on planes.” It’s something that can make traveling from one country to another quite the challenge, but through the years the “This Town” singer has figured out just how to calm himself down when it all becomes a bit too much.

“I have to breathe myself out of it,” he continued to explain. Though Niall didn’t go on to explain in further detail how long he has been dealing with this issue, we have to applaud him for discussing it so publicly. It’s never easy for someone to discuss something they fear or brings him or her quite a bit of distress, but it just goes to show that the Irish heartthrob is just like the rest of us. The singer was also asked about his least favorite qualities about himself and they were quite simple. He admitted he disliked, "how loud I am. I’m also quite fidgety."

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We wonder if any of his former bandmates have anything to say about him being a little too loud. Perhaps when the time is right, the “Too Much to Ask” singer will share even more details about his claustrophobia. Maybe he will even shed some light if and how the rest of the 1D boys helped him deal with this when they were taking over the world together.

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