Niall Horan is a true fan in every sense. He's arguably One Direction's biggest fan and isn't afraid to talk about how much he enjoys his friends like Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift or Julia Michaels' music. He's just a nice guy who loves music that Niall and there happens to be another band he's a fan of too: the Jonas Brothers. In fact, the "Slow Hands" singer even once praised the JoBros saying "they are legends." We're over here like same, Niall. So we have a feeling he would ecstatic to hear these possible reunion rumors have been swirling, especially since he was on a flight with Joe Jonas right when the Jonas Brothers were trending on Twitter and all of the Internet freaked out thinking the brothers were going to be making music again.

joe jonas niall horan instagram story

Honestly, a sign if we ever saw one. Plus, Niall bonded with Nick Jonas and country duo Dan + Shay when they were all hanging out together at Stagecoach, a massive outdoor country music festival.

nick jonas niall horan dan + shay stagecoach

So okay, Niall is good buds with both Joe and Nick and while Kevin is obviously the other member of the Jonas Brothers trifecta that made up the band we feel like if anyone can make this musical reunion happen, it's Niall. He too was once in a band — arguably the biggest boy band in recent music history, casual — so if anyone has the power to make three brothers give the group another go, it's Niall. We believe in him. And hey, maybe he'll end up writing some songs with them. Now we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves but this is what happens when he's hanging out with a member of the Jonas Brothers right when there's talk of a possible reunion. You know he would be a total fan of their new music, if and when they ever decide to get the brotherly band together again. We're on to you, Niall…

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