It was a mini One Direction reunion at a wedding of a member of the 1D family during the weekend. And yes, it was cuteness overload. Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson were together again for Kim Davidson's wedding and of course, the reunion was simply amazing.

Kim has been a longtime member of the One Direction team, as a talent manager who has been by the band's side since the early days. So when it came time for her big day, she invited Nouis, the two members of the group she's the closest to. Niall and Louis looked dapper AF in their suits at the wedding and they snapped a pic together that Simon Jones posted on his Instagram story.

The guys seemed to have a blast at the wedding reception and when Niall's jam "Slow Hands" came on during the party, they all took to the dance floor. Niall was whipping out some fierce dance moves, even unbuttoning his shirt since you know nothing says loosening up like showing off your chest. Take a look:

OK, but imagine having Niall at your wedding and HIS song comes on?! What a time. Louis brought his longtime love Eleanor Calder as his date to the wedding too. We haven't seen too many pics of the reunited couple recently, but it's v sweet to know they're still going strong. Of course, we're literally feeling all the emotions since the last time we had everyone gathered for a 1D wedding was at Louis' late mom, Johannah Deakin's big day. Eleanor served as a bridesmaid and Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Lou Teasdale, and Niall were all on hand to support Louis and his family on that special day. So yes, we're here hit with a wave of emotions seeing Niall and Louis at a wedding together again. They're always giving us such adorable reunions, and tbh, Niall is the glue that keeps the 1D boys together if we're being honest here, proving they all truly are genuine friends.

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