Niall Horan gave fans the greatest surprise, announcing that his Flicker Sessions tour would be going well into 2018 all around the world and he's bringing a special guest along for the ride: Grammy-award winning country singer Maren Morris. If you haven't heard Maren's songs yet, then you need to take a listen to her debut album Hero because her jams like "80s Mercedes," "Sugar," and "My Church" will become your instant faves.

Not only is Maren going to bring a bit of country to Niall's shows, but they even have a duet together on Niall's album called "Seeing Blind." Maren took to Instagram to let everyone how happy she is that Niall's first solo project is out in the world. "I am insanely proud of my friend @niallhoran for releasing this incredible debut! Even more so to be on this song! ?????????," she wrote in the caption.

niall maren instagram comments

And how precious is Niall's comment back to her?! "Thank you my love. I'm so happy to have you on the record. Can't wait to see ya in Nashville soon," he wrote. The two performed the song live together on TV for the first time at the 2017 CMA Awards and showed up looking like the ultimate dream team. And their outfits actually ended up matching perfectly of course.

"I just kind of texted Maren and told her I was wearing a navy suit with a bit of gold on it and she went "Alright, I'll keep that in mind,'" Niall said. PRECIOUS. Take a look at their stunning duet, which starts off with Maren's hit "I Could Use a Love Song" before transitioning into "Seeing Blind":

So how did this magical duet all come about? Well, it seems like Niall was simply a straight-up fan and ended up becoming friends with the songstress and bam, he asked her to be on the song. Back in May of 2017, Niall tweeted that about loving one of Maren's songs, and she was so pumped to find out he's a fan.

niall horan maren morris tweet

Then in August, Niall simply tweeted at the "My Church" singer with an "A-OK" emoji that possibly served as a hint a song was on the way.

And he couldn't help but gush to 1883 Magazine about working with Maren.

"'Seeing Blind' is the song I knew straight away I knew was going to be a duet and I actually wrote it with a friend of mine and she sung on the demo itself at the time so I was kind of looking for who did I want on it. I was blown away by the noise Maren was making in the country world. We met up and became friends and now she's on the song, it's great. Maren's got the most pure voice with that country twang to it and she's perfect for it. She's great as well, she's a great girl," he said. Just precious. He totally has a musical crush on her and tbh, anyone who listens to her music does too! So that leads up to wonder…

How did Niall ask Maren to be on his song?

Well, the "This Town" crooner did admit during the Capitol Congress he just sent an email to Maren asking if she wanted to be on the song with him and she happily accepted. It was all in a simple email.

Do Niall and Maren hang out?

They have certainly gotten to know each other since working on "Seeing Blind" together and they're 100% friends now. And the 27-year-old songstress revealed Niall's exactly how you imagine him to be: very nice and hilarious to be around.

Is Maren single?

For anyone who was hoping Nialler and the Nashville-based beauty would be a love match, sorry to disapoint. Maren is actually engaged to fellow musician Ryan Hurd and they are literally the cutest together.

The couple was friends for years before they officially started dating in 2015 and now they're getting ready to walk down the aisle together. It looks like Niall will be getting an invite to the wedding, which Maren said is happening on March 24, and she even joked he would be performing at the party, without getting paid though. LOL. That's how you know you've reached peak BFF status right there.

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