Niall Horan is an international treasure, seriously. The former One Direction member pretty much lives an ordinary life despite his extraordinary music career spanning over a decade. So, how much money does the Irish singer-songwriter actually make? Keep reading for his net worth, revealed!

What Is Niall Horan’s Net Worth?

Niall’s net worth is around $70 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Sounds like “Heaven” to us!

Despite his hefty net worth and former 1D days, Niall lives a relatively normal life now. During an Instagram Q&A from 2021, a fan asked the 1D alum if he ever “misses” living a normal life, which he responded: “I live a relatively normal life in comparison to what it was like six years ago maybe.”

How Does Niall Horan Make His Money?

As One Directioners know, Niall launched into stardom after competing on the X Factor in 2010. He rose to fame alongside his fellow One Direction band members, including Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson, after appearing on the British singing competition in 2010.

After five years as a group, 1D sadly went their separate ways in 2015. Since then, Niall has launched his own music career, dropping three solo records: Flicker in October 2017, Heartbreak Weather in March 2020 and The Show in June 2023.

When it comes to being a solo star, Niall has no issues making music without others.

“I’ve been doing it for ten years, so it’s about time I took the reins. And it’s been great. Even down to the creative elements, I’ve found with the upcoming album that I’ve become a lot more creative, whether that’s writing my last video or designing the set for my tour,” he told GQ in March 2020. “The whole process has been more stretched out, whereas in the band, everything was going at once.”

When asked by Variety if the success of his former One Direction bandmates (who have all launched their own solo careers) increases the pressure of dropping his own solo material, Niall said it wasn’t so. “I don’t think so. Everyone releases different types of music,” he explained, before gushing over his former bandmates and their own success. “It’s a great watch as a friend. There’s a bond there that can’t be broken and we’re always supporting each other.”

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