After his One Direction days, Niall Horan really leaned into his fashion sense! The “Seeing Blind” crooner has since become a pretty stylish Hollywood dude over the years, and we’re so here for pictures of him in a suit.

While he’s definitely come into himself clothing wise, there was definitely a point in time where Niall knew he wasn’t the best dresser.

“A while ago, I was probably the worst dressed man on the planet. Obviously, some people can pull it off, and some people can’t. I happen to be one of those people that can’t,” the Irish crooner told Esquire in December 2017. “But I was 16 and 17, so you kind of let yourself get away with that.”

During his time in 1D, alongside former bandmates Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, Niall was admittedly the least interested in what to wear.

“When we were in the band, it was something that I never really thought about. You could obviously tell that Harry was probably into it a little more than me at the time; it was something that he focused on more than I did,” the “Black and White” singer recalled to Esquire. Now that he’s a solo artist, Niall explained that he’s found a personal style that works for him.

“It’s kind of an extension of me being Irish,” he explained, noting that he has also been inspired by classic American rock musicians. “A lot of boots. A lot of hats. And all different types of jackets — denim, leather, all different types of materials that I’m trying to get into. … I guess what I’m saying is kind of classic.”

With his new threads came his new attitude about what (and what not) to wear.

“From a young age, I would listen to that kind of music, but could never really get my hands on that type of clothing. I didn’t know how to go about that kind style, and I was probably a little bit nervous to try stuff,” Niall recalled to the magazine. “I kind of just went with the times — what people were wearing at my age at that time. But as I grew older and realized that I didn’t really care what I wore, I dived back into my musical roots and started dressing like they were back in the day and going for that kind of thing.”

Click through our gallery to see Niall’s best looks since his One Direction days. 

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