Niall Horan has had the title of One Direction bachelor locked down for years, at least publicly speaking since he did reveal he was in a relationship that inspired much of his solo album Flicker. So is the lucky girl Australian actress Olympia Valance? Well, she did say they've been secretly hanging out all this time. WHO KNEW?!

While he was in 1D, Niall's bandmates all had serious girlfriends fans knew all about but Niall has kept his love life lowkey. And now that he's solo, well he's still keeping mum on who has had his heart and he won't even fess up who exactly his love songs were inspired by! Olympia herself seemingly confirmed in an interview that she and Nialler have been casually dating. The brunette beauty who plays Paige Smith on the long-running Australian soap opera Neighbours, spoke to The Sun all about her many secret dates with Nialler.

"We just met in Australia and we’ve been messaging ever since and yeah we have hung out together a bit. We’ve known each other for a couple of years now. He obviously spends a lot of time in Australia with his cousins. We are quite close. I see him when I come to London and he sees me when he’s in Oz," Olympia shared.

OK, so this has been going on for a couple of years?! According to the "Slow Hands" crooner though, there wasn't anything romantic during these hangouts.

"No," Niall said with a laugh while on 60 Minutes Australia. "She texted me the other day and she was like 'they're hassling me in the newspapers about this.' But we just hung out in Melbourne. Her friends are friends with some of my friends that was living there."

Huh, okay so doesn't seem like there's anything more than a friendship here. And Niall went on to say that simply being seen hanging out with any woman leads to people wondering if he's dating the girl.

"Honest to god, I'm surprised I haven't been linked to my own mother. It's kind of like you can't be seen near a female," he continued. LOL, okay Niall we get it. He really is the king of keeping his love life under wraps though, that's for sure. Niall and Olympia were spotted together last year at a cricket game when Niall was in Melbourne, so that must be one of their early hangouts he was referring to and Olympia even posted a selfie of the pair on her Instagram story in honor of Niall's 24th birthday last month.

Something buds would do! And before you think he's downplaying their relationship, the starlet the 24-year-old starlet went on to say that currently, she is not in a relationship with anyone.

"I am single at the moment. I've been single pretty much all this year and it's been really nice. I've always had problems being on my own before and now I'm actually like, I really love this and just not having anyone to answer to. Just being free is great and that's what I really want to be – just being a free spirit," she said.

So they weren't an "official" item so to speak, and might simply have just been friends all this time after all.

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