Clearly, it's too much to ask of Niall Horan to spill the beans about who his new single is really about. So we're just going to have to do some digging! The former One Direction crooner dropped his third single, "Too Much To Ask" from his solo debut album, Flicker, last night and it's probably his best tune yet. Not only do his vocals sound angelic, but the emotions and the lyrics really hit home for a lot of listeners. It's relatable and our tear ducts are literally overflowing even after the 10th listen.

The song could be classified as an end of summer break-up anthem. It's about someone who is still in love with another person that they separated from. The song questions love and why this particular love doesn't last. It also tries to navigate life alone without this person that was, at one time, the love of their life. Yeah, it's freaking deep and Niall nailed it. But, the lyrics and the emotion MUST come from somewhere.

In an interview with BBC News, they asked Nialler about what he thought of speculation surrounding the song whether people could think it was about anyone from Selena Gomez to Ellie Goulding. He reportedly didn't seem to care. In true Niall fashion, he answered, "I would obviously like it ["Too Much To Ask" to go to number one, that would be the dream. But it is what it is. If it's getting a lot love and jumps in at number two or number three, I don't mind."

Okay, but we still want to know and we're going to speculate. Sorry, Nialls. We've come up with a list of women that have, at some point or another, taken his heart in the past six or seven years. There's no telling if the song really is about one of these lucky ladies but it's always fun to try and guess what exactly is running through Niall's head.

Is "Too Much To Ask" about Selena Gomez?


Selena and Niall have hung out on numerous occasions over the years. He was caught at dinner with her parents and they even went to a Katy Perry concert together. But, it's safe to say, that Niall has another girl on his mind when it comes to this single. While he definitely has a love for Selena, it's hard to believe he was ever in love with her. There were so many other factors, including Justin Bieber, when these two were rumored to be hanging out.

Is "Too Much To Ask" about Ellie Goulding?


To be honest, Ellie is a strong contender here. She and Niall were rumored to be dating in 2013 when they were spotted kissing at a music festival. Not only that but Ed Sheeran's song, "Don't", is reportedly about Ellie cheating on him with Niall. There are so many layers here. Of course, Ellie went on to date Dougie Poynter for awhile after all that. It's possible Niall could have secretly been very heartbroken over her choice to move on from their scandalous relationship. Not only that but when Niall appeared on James Corden's segment of "Fill Your Guts or Spill Your Guts" he chose Ellie when asked who he would spend his last night on earth with. DEFINITELY some feelings there!

Is "Too Much To Ask" about Melissa Whitelaw?


Melissa and Niall had a thing for a while during the One Direction glory days. She is originally from Australia and when the boys performed in Aussie she was photographed before the show and backstage with them. Not only that but Niall and Melissa were seen leaving multiple parties, functions, and events together. The crazy thing that might actually put Melissa in the top running spot here is the interview Niall recently gave about the most romantic thing he has ever done for a girl. Apparently, he took someone on a private jet. You'd think he would take someone who couldn't just go on their own like Ellie and Selena. As soon as he gave the interview everyone speculated he was talking about Melissa. Could Melissa be the one that got away?! We're leaning towards a maybe.

Is "Too Much To Ask" about Courtney Barry?


Courtney is one of Selena's best friends and she and Niall were spotted on a date at Disneyland earlier this year. But, not much came of it. They looked pretty friendly with each other but we highly doubt Niall was ever in love with her. They were spotted together far too less for that to happen. But, hey, never say never.

Is "Too Much To Ask" about Celine Vandycke?


Celine and Niall were getting very touchy-feely at a music festival last year. His arm was around her and they were seen kissing in the crowd. She isn't famous and is currently studying in college. So, it's possible that she could not only be the girl behind this song but also the lucky lady that Nialler flew in his private jet with. There's also perfectly good reason to believe that Niall was head over heels for her but because of his travel schedule, they just wouldn't make it work. Maybe she ended it and maybe he was devastated. Regardless, Celine could definitely be the person Niall thinks about at night.

Is "Too Much To Ask" about Zoe Whelan?


Zoe is an Irish model so they already have a lot in common. She was reportedly Niall's secret girlfriend for a while AND rumor has it that he introduced her to his family at his brother's wedding. For any relationship, that's a huge step. But, he's the one that broke off this relationship according to The Sun. A source said, "It is all over for Niall and Zoe – and it is completely because of his side of things. Obviously, it was always going to be hard to have an ongoing relationship when his job has him traveling around so much. But there’s been no push from Niall to keep things going at all and has told Zoe it is over by completely blanking her."

Sooo, let's just say this song is NOT about Zoe. LOL.

Is "Too Much To Ask" about Barbara Palvin?


Barbara always denied this relationship which could mean something. But, it's clear that they were at least hooking up for a bit. Niall and Barbara were seen holding hands and double dating with Liam Payne and Sophia Smith. It's possible she broke his heart but we're chalking this up to puppy love. Niall definitely needed a more real and mature experience than this one to write a song like "Too Much To Ask."

Is "Too Much To Ask" about Demi Lovato?


Literally, just no. Demi definitely had a thing for Niall and even asked Simon Cowell about him backstage on the X-Factor. Simon point blank told her to stay away from him. Between the big man putting a stomp on the yet to be formed relationship and Niall being Niall, there's literally no way on this planet that "Too Much To Ask" is about Demi.

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