Niall Horan is ready for 2018 and so are our ears. The former One Direction heartthrob officially confirmed that he's going to start working on his second solo album over the course of the year and we don't know whether to be excited or nervous. Obviously, fans should be excited because Niall has truly outdone himself with his first record. Between "Slow Hands", "Too Much To Ask", "Seeing Blind" and "Paper Houses", he reached a wide range of audiences. But, this whole thing makes us a bit nervous. One Direction and their much anticipated return seems like it's fading farther and father into the abyss. Will we ever get a comeback?? Unclear.

The Daily Star reported that Niall said, "I’m touring next year. I’ll tour this record now. I’d say over the course of the year I’ll start writing. With jamming at sound checks and things like that, things always come up – little riffs and bits and pieces." He even said that he's eager to collaborate during the songwriting process with Julia Michaels. Nialler explained, "She’s one of the best songwriters on the planet so I’ll be looking to sit down and write with her."

It's safe to say that we probably won't get a second solo album from Niall until 2019 if he's going to use 2018 to write and figure out different sounds and pieces of music he wants to use. But, again, if we're already moving into 2019 with Niall's solo album, One Direction is no where in sight. Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson have yet to release their solo albums and we have a feeling Harry Styles' isn't going to be a one record wonder.

It's time to face the facts. One Direction as we knew it, probably won't be back again for a very long time. We picture them following in the steps of the Backstreet Boys – taking up a Las Vegas residency in like 10 years. While that's super annoying to envision, it's even harder to think about the boy band comeback at any time in the near future. But, if I said I wouldn't be buying a ticket to Las Vegas for their reunion shows, I'd be lying.

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