To this day, Niall Horan is pretty much known for being the only member of One Direction without tattoos. If there’s one thing that the rest of 1D has in common, it’s their shared love of ink. Four out of five of the boys have multiple tattoos, but Nialler refuses to join the club. Even when the rest of the band got matching screws, he declined. What gives?

Does Niall Horan have a tattoo?

Niall admitted that’s he’s pretty scared of the tattoo needle. In 2014, at the launch of 1D’s first fragrance (throwback!), the Irishman told Glamour UK that he’s just too afraid to get one done, even though the rest of the boys have matching ones. He said, “All the lads have screws on them. I’m just too scared to do it.”

Is it true that Niall Horan almost got inked during James Corden’s Tattoo Roulette?

Yes! More recently, when One Direction played Tattoo Roulette on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Niall was the most frightened of getting chosen. When it was revealed that Harry Styles was the one fated to have a The Late Late Show tattoo, the Irish singer was so relieved that he couldn’t help but jump up and down with joy.

Plus, let’s be real. Some of Harry’s, Louis Tomlinson’s, and Liam Payne’s tattoos are a little ridic. Even *they( admitted on the show that they regret getting some of them. As hilarious as having the word “big” on your big toe may seem in the moment (looking at you, Harry), Niall probably doesn’t want to end up with something like that in the future. When it comes down to it, his desire for a tattoo isn’t burning bright enough. If you don’t want to, then you don’t. Simple as that.

Niall made this point way back in 2013 in an interview with Cambio while on the This Is Us press junket. He just said, “At the moment, I’m not really feeling the need for a tattoo.” And that’s that!

Does this mean he hates tattoos?

Not at all! Just because he hasn’t made the commitment doesn’t mean he hates the idea. In 2015, he went so far as to help one of his fans design her own body ink. At a meet and greet, she asked him to write down a phrase so she could have it tattooed on her arm. Then, she did it! Her arm now proudly reads “It all worked out,” a reference to Niall’s first tweet after applying for X-Factor.

Has Niall ever thought about getting inked himself?

Actually, yes! When his closest mates all got matching ones, it must have been hard for him to be left out. Then, after the band announced their hiatus, he told Fabulous magazine that he wanted to get something to remind him of his friends while they were apart.

“I’m definitely doing something about that [not having a tattoo] because when we’re apart I know I’m going to miss them,” he said.

Despite that, there’s no evidence to suggest he ever went through with it. And One Direction fans would definitely be the first to know.

Bandmate Louis spilled that Niall can be a little wishy-washy when it comes to permanently marking his body. We get it! It’s a big deal.

“Sometimes he’s like, ‘Aw yeah, I might get one!’” Louis told Teen Vogue. “Then sometimes he’s like ‘I don’t know.’ I would be surprised if he did it.”

So would we! Now that Niall is known for being the tattoo-less member of 1D, it’s gonna be hard to give up that title. Way back in January 2013, he tweeted that he’s “not planning on gettin [a tattoo] for a while.”

niall horan tattoo 2013

But by May 2013, he was adamant that he had no plans to get one in general. Follow your heart, dear Niall! We’ll love and support you no matter what.

niall horan tattoo 2013 plans

Okay, so what about fake tattoos? Does Niall feel the same?

As the only member of One Direction without ink, then-host of the British show A League of Their Own, James Corden politely requested that Niall get a tattoo of James’ face on his butt. A fake one, of course! And Niall happily obliged!

In 2013, he posted a photo on Instagram with a fern tattoo on his wrist, along with the caption, “Came , saw and conquered @deodevine @louteasdale , Gemma , liam.”

niall horan tattoo fake

However, given that his wrist is tattoo-free years later, it was clearly a temporary tat.

Will Niall ever get a tattoo in the future?

There’s a possibility! As Niall gets older and more big events start happening in his life, (you know, like a solo world tour and his own album, Flicker) he might want to commemorate those moments forever. Since he’s already thought about making the plunge for a One Direction-related tattoo, maybe he’ll get it on their 10th anniversary, which is coming up soon in 2020.

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