There's nothing like opening Christmas presents. It's seriously the freaking best. But, for one Irish girl, this Christmas will be something she never forgets. Lorraine Gray posted a YouTube video of what we assume is her daughter opening up Niall Horan tickets in front of a sparkling Christmas tree – talk about magic. At first, her daughter didn't really understand what she was opening. She thought it was a voucher of some sort. Then she thought it had something to do with a phone. Clearly, she was confused. But, then, she realized that actually had two tickets for Niall's show in her hands and that's when the waterworks began. And I'm not talking about a few streaming tears here. I'm talking a full blown sob to the point where she couldn't speak.

This fan's reaction is everything and we're giving some major to props to her mom who got the whole thing on camera. To be honest, we'd probably act the exact same way if we opened up Niall tickets on Christmas morning. Sadly, it seems like Santa forgot mine in the sleigh this year. But, I digress.

Niall has yet to react to the video, but we have a feeling he would totally love it. Obviously, this was a true Christmas miracle for her and the fact that she's taking her mom along for the concert makes the whole thing even sweeter. Viewers can hear her mom in the background saying that she got the tickets because she was a great girl this year. She deserved them! Literally, now we're sobbing.

One Direction may have had some pretty loyal fans, but this reaction proves that Niall as a solo artist might just have just as equal of a fandom. It's adorable and shows that all of his hard work has paid off. All of the speculation he had about whether or not to even do an album has paid off. The "Slow Hands" singer just made this fan's Christmas dream come true.

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