Nicholas Galitzine is a budding star, but what’s the deal with his family? The actor has mentioned his home life in a few interviews since making his film and TV debut.

The British star’s first-ever acting role was at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

“It was called Rites: A Children’s Tragedy. Which was very problematic because we kept having children come to the show, and we were like, ‘This is not for kids,'” he recalled during an interview with GQ from June 2023, noting that his parents “were so terrified of the industry.”

However, it seems he’s done pretty well for himself. Keep reading for details on Nicholas’ family.

Who Are Nicholas Galitzine’s Parents?

His father is Geoffrey Leo Alexander Galitzine, a descendant of the House of Golitsyn a former Russian royal family.

“To the man that raised me, drove me to rugby fixtures around the country, let me pilot a plane when I was 9, convinced me to go to the audition for the play where I’d get scouted and start a career as an actor, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!” Nicholas shared via Instagram in June 2021. “Your courage and your drive inspire me more then you know. You’ve been there for me every step of the way and I couldn’t wish for better. Love you Big G.”

British Star Nicholas Galitzine's Family: Details on His Parents, Siblings
Nicholas Galitzine/ Instagram

In fact, it was actually his dad who pushed him to become an actor.

“I was very gun shy at first because the idea of performing just terrified me,” he told The Last Magazine in May 2019. “I was always a bit of an introvert and a shy kid so the idea of performing was terrifying, but I had just graduated school and it was a fun summer holiday plan, so I auditioned for it. Hilariously, my dad will never let me live this down, but I was outside the theater and I called him up like, ‘What the f–k am I doing here? I’m not an actor, I’ve never done this before, this is silly, I should come home.’ He convinced me that it would be a fun, new experience at the very least and I’d probably regret it if I didn’t do it.”

As for his mother, not much is known about Lora Galitzine. However, Nicholas did share a since-deleted Instagram post featuring his mom.

Does Nicholas Galitzine Have Siblings?

Nicholas has shared a photo with his sister, Lexi Galitzine on social media.

“Happy birthday sis!” he posted in September 2017. “Best buds since day 1.”

According to Lexi’s own social media she is an artist an interior stylist and assistant.

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